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Our Client is an esteemed company with over 15 years of experience in the Ukrainian market. The business comprises a wide-reaching network of specialized centers and shops that offer professional tools, construction, and repair equipment. Additionally, the Client excels in servicing and repairing electrical and gasoline-powered tools, as well as construction equipment and garden machinery.

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The Challenge

The company's goal was to develop a mobile solution that would improve service levels and optimize the provision of repair and sales services for their customers.

The Client was faced with several challenges attempting to:

  • attract new customers by offering superior service compared to their competitors;
  • simplify and automate the tool-tracking process in the service department. Currently, all items sent for repair are recorded manually, which is a common practice among competitors;
  • address the issue of inadequate warranty certificates for communication with manufacturers;
  • increase the adoption of electronic warranty certificates to expand coverage.

Our Client aimed to enhance their overall operations and customer experience by addressing these challenges.

The solution

We have developed a user-friendly MVP of a mobile application that allows our Client to conveniently:

  • store information about their tools and electronic warranty coupons
  • arrange for tool repairs, with options for delivery to and from the service center
  • monitor the current status of their tools throughout the repair process
  • make payments for rendered services swiftly and efficiently.

This application caters to individual users and businesses, allowing employees to delegate tool purchasing and maintenance rights. Additionally, the application saves user data in an accounting database, streamlining accounting procedures for enterprises.

The solution
Case study diagram

The features

Registration and Authorization
Registration and Authorization
Tool Status Monitoring
Tool Status Monitoring
Payment Integration
Payment Integration
Adding a Tool to the Profile
Adding a Tool to the Profile
Repair Order
Repair Order
Tool Delivery to and from the Service
Tool Delivery to and from the Service

The result

  • 01

    The platform's key features are available to users across both web and mobile applications (Android and iOS).

  • 02

    The panel is designed for user management, including the ability to modify user data, delete users, change user phone numbers, and view user orders and warranty certificates. It also allows for creating and sending custom notifications to specific user groups, configuring messages, uploading warranty certificates in PDF format, updating the warranty certificate template, and providing customer support through text chat correspondence.

  • 03

    The added features improve notification, repair, and tool data retrieval efficiency. Users can access the information they need quickly and effortlessly.

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