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SpaceMetaverse is an innovative Canadian startup revolutionizing the digital NFT art and commerce scene. Their mission is to empower users with robust builder tools, enabling them to effortlessly design and bring to life immersive commerce spaces, free from any limitations. With their help, users can purchase top-notch products, immersing in a one-of-a-kind shopping adventure as if they were strolling through a luxurious mall. They can engage with others in dynamic spaces, fostering new connections and sparking exciting conversations.

Team Extension
Web Development
The challenge

The Client encountered numerous challenges in their software development project, primarily related to a dissatisfactory experience with their previous vendor and a complex product structure. Due to an unstable working environment, scarce resources in local markets, and the complexity of the product, SpaceMetaverse ended up with a double increase in backlog and accumulation of technical debt. This is mainly due to the product being composed of 8 subproducts. As a result, there was a high risk of being late with the release and potentially failing to secure further investment.

Our main objective is to address the backlog, introduce new features, enhance system stability, and redesign the solution architecture for better maintainability and scalability. Additionally, we had to resolve any integration issues with Instagram as per the Client's requirements.

The solution

Clover Dynamics eagerly embraced the challenges ahead with utmost enthusiasm and optimism. To start, our CTO and Delivery Director collaborated closely with the Client's internal team to facilitate a seamless knowledge transfer from the previous team. Following that, we extensively investigated the product ecosystem and optimized the backlog based on business priorities and technological opportunities.

Concurrently, we bolstered our Client's team by bringing in three talented Engineers to ensure timely and successful completion of backlog features. We also revamped the architecture, separating services and improving scalability. Clover Dynamics diligently addressed critical bugs and introduced new features to enhance the platform.

The solution
Case study diagram

The features

Redesigned UI/UX
Redesigned UI/UX
Architecture re-design
Architecture re-design
Fixed metaverse in mobile-embedded browsers
Fixed metaverse in mobile-embedded browsers
Crypto payment integrations
Crypto payment integrations
Stabilized application availability
Stabilized application availability

The result

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    Clover Dynamics has recruited and assigned three highly skilled senior software engineers with specialized expertise in record time. The first expert was hired within two weeks, while the remaining two were brought on board within four weeks. This rapid expansion of the Client’s team has played a crucial role in ensuring a timely release of its project.

  • 02

    We significantly improved the server infrastructure by eliminating the Biome build framework and transitioning to Docker. This decision has enhanced the overall system maintainability and empowered the Client with a more efficient scaling mechanism.

  • 03

    The update includes significant enhancements to the Client’s product website and virtual store. By implementing cutting-edge technologies and refining the user experience, we have greatly elevated the Seller experience - a key highlight of the release.

  • 04

    With the integration of Ethereum and Metamask, we have completely reimagined the crypto payment flow. Additionally, the website pages and 3D views have undergone a complete redesign, further enhancing the user experience for the SpaceMetaverse Sellers.

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