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Event Scheduling Solution

Client is a prominent German-based company that has managed to garner a loyal following among event enthusiasts. Their website acts as a one-stop shop for users who are looking to gain access to cultural offerings, sporting events, theatrical spectacles, and other entertainment events. Users get access to a vast number of events, which they can seamlessly book. Moreover, the platform offers users the added benefit of keeping them informed of all cultural events taking place in their locality, ensuring they do not miss out on any exciting happenings. The product will soon be rolled out to customers in Munich, but there are plans to potentially expand to other cities and possibly all of Germany.

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Event Scheduling Solution
The Challenge

Although some of the functionalities were already implemented, the client required additional features to cater to the diverse and complex needs of event organizers and attendees.

The Clover Dynamics team had to add the functionality of subscriptions - upgrade/downgrade subscriptions, cancel/pause subscriptions, add integration with PayPal, likes / dislikes, etc. Additionally, the website had to support integration with third-party APIs - event providers, implementation of reservations, and purchase of tickets from these providers using APIs.

The Solution

Clover Dynamics developers equipped the client's website with a set of basic functions necessary for its release and safe operation

During the development process, the Clover Dynamics team employed a meticulous approach to ensure that everything worked seamlessly. We utilized Node.js and TypeScript to establish a robust backend structure that provides optimum performance and scalability while facilitating the creation of APIs and the implementation of data security.

Our team also employed the Firebase Cloud platform, specifically Authentication, Firestore, and Storage services, to enhance the functionality of the website. Authentication was added to boost security measures, while Firestore was used to store and manage data effectively. Storage was configured to enable efficient and safe delivery of media files and other identifying content to users.

Furthermore, Clover Dynamics utilized Angular 14 to design and develop the UI of the website, providing a highly responsive and visually appealing interface.

The Solution

The features

Integration with Several Event Providers
Integration with Several Event Providers
Ticket Purchasing via PayPal or Card
Ticket Purchasing via PayPal or Card
Event View and Filter
Event View and Filter
User Subscription Management
User Subscription Management
Event Adding by Users
Event Adding by Users
Ticket Purchases/OrdersView
Ticket Purchases/OrdersView

The result

  • 01

    Clover Dynamics has significantly improved the overall interface of the Website, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. As a result, purchasing tickets for events has become much more convenient, with a simplified checkout process and a clear view of ticket pricing and availability. Users can easily find and select events, view their ticket options, and complete their purchases without any hassle.

  • 02

    The website now provides a seamless experience for users, with a clean design, a convenient view of events, and intuitive navigation. Clover Dynamics has focused on creating an easy-to-use platform that lets users find the events they are interested in, view all relevant information, and make informed decisions. Additionally, the platform now has an efficient search functionality that helps users quickly find the events they want to attend.

  • 03

    Clover Dynamics has developed a comprehensive and flexible system for event management on the Website. This allows event organizers to effectively manage their events on the website, including setting up event registration, creating schedules, and managing ticket sales. Furthermore, the platform’s versatility enables users to add and update events, create custom event pages, and manage promotional activities, improving overall event management on the website.

  • 04

    The application now allows users to add new events themselves, providing a way for individuals and organizations to list their events on the website. The event listings are customizable, so users can add their branding, images, and other details to make their event page stand out. This feature enables organizers to promote their events effectively, reach out to relevant audiences, and cost-effectively sell tickets.

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